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1. Sams Teach yourself WPF in 24 hours

Ebook Description:Quote:
Windows Presentation Foundation, or WPF, is Microsoft抯 latest framework for building sophisticated and rich user interfaces for desktop applications. WPF differs significantly from its predecessor, and yet draws on many of the concepts found existing in frameworks for both desktops and the web. WPF enables developers to easily and quickly handle tasks that were either very difficult or impossible to accomplish in previous frameworks.ISBN -13: 9780672329852ISBN -10: 0672329859Pages: 478Edition: July 2008Colored book
2. Sams Teach Yourself UML

Title: Sams Teach Yourself UML in 24 Hours by Joseph Schmuller

Sams Teach Yourself UML by Joseph Schmuller Description: Sams Teach Yourself UML in 24 Hours, 2E provides hands-on UML experience. Learn to use UML to build a model for any system development project, and understand the UML models that will undoubtedly form the basis for future system development books. Gain the knowledge and the confidence to become a UML champion in your organization by understanding topics such as Object Orientation, Using Links, Associations, and Inheritance, Working with UML Diagrams, Fitting UML into a Development Process, Modeling Deployment, and Modeling real-time Systems. Finally, the book provides a solid skill set allowing you to master an UML-based modeling tool.

Size: 2.47 MB

No. of Pages: 544

Type: Text And Diagram Oriented
3. Sams Teach Yourself PHP

Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours, Third Edition By Matt Zandstra
Publisher: Sams
Number Of Pages: 500
ISBN / ASIN: 0672326191

Think of all the things you could do in 24 hours. Go sightseeing. Read a book. Learn PHP. Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours is a unique learning tool that is divided into 24 one-hour lessons over five sections. Starting with the basics, you will discover the fundamentals of PHP and how to apply that knowledge to create dynamic websites with forms, cookies and authentication functions. You will also find out how to access databases, as well as how to integrate system components, e-mail, LDAP, network sockets and more. A support website includes access to source code, PHP updates, errata and links to other relevant websites. Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours is a quick and easy way to learn how to create interactive websites for your end user.

Consisting of 24 one-hour lessons, Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours is divided into five sections that guide the reader through the language from the basics to the advanced functions. The first section of the book teaches the fundamentals of PHP. And then, building upon what has been taught in the first section, sections two through four shows the reader how to apply that knowledge in order to interact with the user by creating and managing forms, cookies and authentication. It also teaches how to access databases and how to integrate system components, e-mail, LDAP, network sockets and much more.
4. Sams Teach Yourself Network Troubleshooting in 24 Hours (2nd Edition)

Product Description

A practical, hands-on quide to network troubleshooting that emphasizes diagnostic techniques that both professionals and part-time network adminstrators can understand and use in their day-to-day activities. In today's pervasive network environment, many of these people are often responsible for fixing a network if it goes down. This book emphasizes fixing practical networking applications like shared printers, using the Internet, and sharing files. It does not get into the specifics of protocols or specific applications, but provides short, concise overviews of topics like wireless networking, Unix, Windows 2000, Novell Netware, routers, and firewalls.
5.Sams Teach Yourself javascript in 24 Hours (3rd Edition) By Michael Moncur

Sams Teach Yourself javascript in 24 Hours (3rd Edition) By Michael Moncur
Publisher: Sams 2002-06-07 | 428 Pages | ISBN: 0672324067 | PDF | 10 MB

javascript is one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to enhance a Web site with interactivity.
Sams Teach Yourself javascript in 24 Hours serves as an easy-to-understand tutorial on both scripting basics and javascript itself. The book is written in a clear and personable style with an extensive use of practical, complete examples.
The Third Edition of Sams Teach Yourself javascript in 24 Hours includes material on the latest developments in javascript and Web scripting.
Readers will learn how to use javascript to enhance Web pages with interactive forms, objects, and cookies. They will also discover how to use javascript to work with games, animation, and multimedia.
6. Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is a digital book providing a comprehensive introduction
(tutorial) to the JavaScript programming language. Apart from a bookful of text,
it contains plenty of example programs, and an environment to try them out and
play with them.
The book is aimed at the beginning programmer ― people with prior
programming experience might also get something out of it, but they should not
read chapters 2 to 5 too closely, because most of the concepts discussed there
will probably be nothing new to them. Do make sure you read the end of the
first chapter, which has some essential information about the book itself.
The book is freely available, and may be used (as a whole or in parts) in any
way you see fit, as long as I am credited as the original author.
7. Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours
by Sriranga Veeraraghavan

Paperback: 504 pages
Publisher: Sams; 2 edition (March 15, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN: 0672323583

Book Description
The vast majority of users utilize the Korn Shell or some variant of the Bourne Shell, such as bash. Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours covers these shells. It begins with a generalized tutorial of Unix and tools and then moves into detailed coverage of shell programming. Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours is one of the best values because it provides readers with more information for less money. This book uses the effective and proven ‘Teach Yourself’ format to instruct the reader how to make their shell work for them. It covers useful information including: managing input/output, manipulating text filters, understanding and debugging shell scripts, creating and utilizing variables, tools, processes, and customizing the shell.

Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours is a tutorial aimed at assisting Unix and Linux users to get optimal performance out of their operating system. It shows them how to take control of their systems and work efficiently by har4nessing the power of the shell to solve common problems.
8. Sams Teach Yourself Networking in 24 Hours

By Uyless Black
Published May 26, 2009 by Sams. Part of the Sams Teach Yourself -- Hours series.
Copyright 2009
Dimensions: 7 X 9-1/8
Pages: 432
Edition: 4th


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