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UG Economic Competation

Panitia UG Economic Competition BEF Ekonomi
To celebrate the 20 years of Faculty of Economics,Faculty of Economics Gunadarma University organize The Economic's Day 2010. Economic's Day is a series of activities consist of: seminars, bazaars, job fair and the music corner. Various competitions also held in this event, such as: UG Economic Competition, Mini Research Competition, Class Website Competition, and Mawapres(outstanding students).
Economic's Day event held in two days (21-22/12) at Campus D Margonda Depok.

Dean of Faculty of Economics, Ir. Toto Sugiharto, M.Sc. Ph.D., states that anniversary of the Faculty of Economics UG is celebrate in the first time. In the age of the 20 years, there are challenges that have been through. The main focus of the Faculty of Economics now is the vision into the future. "In the increasingly and tight competition, we try to revitalize the role of the Faculty of Economics UG in the society", he said.

One of method to face the competition is by creating an competitive activity. Competitions such as the UG Economic Competition is an example to train the spirit of competition through skill and thinking ability of students.

The first day (21/12) Economic's Day 2010 began with bazaar event, job fair and career seminars. Bazaar held in campus parking lot D and the job fair held on the 1st floor of Building 4 Campus D Depok. Meanwhile, career seminars held at the Auditorium D 460.

According to Executive Chairman of Economic's Day 2010, Budi Prijanto, SE, MM, bazaar event and job fair lasts for two days, on 21 to 22 December 2010. Bazaar followed by about 30 participants. The job fair attended by about 21 companies :Karir.Com, Trivo Group, White Swan Kurnia Karisma, KK Indonesia, Bank NISP, Tbk, Aprisma Indonesia, Sukabumi Trading, Mobafone Indonesia, Indovisual Presentatama, Wom Finance, Ciptakominda Prado, MLW Telecom, Astrindo Senayasa, Century Healthcare, Main Technetindo, BII Finance, Garudafood, Bank Mandiri,, Indosat and Sas Teknindo.

The career seminars held at the Auditorium D 460 with Michael Binsar Napitupulu from Karir.Com as the speaker . seminar begins at 09.00 and followed by students of the Faculty of Economics and other faculty within the UG. Present on this occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of economics, Ir, Toto Sugiharto, M.Sc.Ph.D. Topics at the seminar this career is about job interview techniques.

Economic agenda for the second day's Day 2010 are national seminars and research results dissemination of Economics Faculty of UG and the winners announcement. The event starts at 09.00 with a national seminar which presented two speakers, that are: Neddy Rifaldi Halim, Deputy Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs of Marketing and Business Network and Fadli Sentosa, Chief Director of Whole Shale and Infrastructure Office of PT Indosat also Dr. Budiman as moderator. Present on the occasion, the Rector of UG, Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE. MM, IV Vice Rector, Prof.. Dr. Didier Mukodim, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Vice Dean and Assistant Dean II. Seminar on the theme, "Economic Potential and Business Opportunities in the era of CAFTA."

National seminar was opened by the Rector of UG who also keynote speak. In his speech the Rector said, UG has early anticipated the intense competition in the future by cooperating with other parties. To improve quality of UG in global competition, UG has been cooperating with universities in Europe, as in Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Sweden and others.

After the break, the event continued by research results dissemination of Economics Faculty of UG. On this occasion present four speakers, namely; Dr. Reny Nur'aini, Dr. Sri Hermawati, Dr. Hary W. Ramadhon and
Dr. Ward. Acting as moderator, Dr. Tetyana Elida.

Economic's Day 2010 event ended with the announcement of competition results. The announcement begins with a mini competition research by Dr. Peni Sawitri. The winners were as follows;
the 1st winner : Nariya Kusumanina Ayu, Silfi Sulfiah and Jeff Yolanda (Class 4EB01), the 2nd winner Disfian Onny Rahman (Class 4EB07), The 3rd Winner Karina Waty Suyono (Class 4EB02). Research Proposal for the winner, 1st winner Fitriana Goddard, Olivia Febriyana A, Ovi Susarni (Class 4EB01), the 2nd winner Akfrian Mukti Ramdhani, Wake Puji Santoso,Fahmi Basyar, Fery Ferdian, Wulan Earl Lester (Class 4EA01), The 3rd Winner Novi Indah Purwaningsih, Rina Dwi Utami, Yuka Adhi Nugraha (Class 3EB15).
Meanwhile, the Website Class Competition, 1st winner : 4EB08 class, the 2nd winner : 4EB01 and The 3rd Winner is 4EB06.

For UG Economic Compotition the winners shared Level I and
Level II and Group Accounting.
Level I, winner of the Class I group achieved 2EB01-A, the winner of the Class II group 2EA01-A and winner of the Class III group 1EB09. Level II, winner of the Class I group achieved 4EA04, winner of the Class II group 4EA01-A, and winner of the Class III group 4EA01. For the accounting group, winner of the Class I group achieved 4EB08, winner of the Class II group
4EB02 and winner of Class 4EB01 group III-B.
Economic's Day 2010 officially ended with the closure by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics: UG, Ir. Toto Sugiharto, M.Sc. Ph.D.

Untuk kelompok Akuntansi pemenang I diarih kelompok dari Kelas 4EB08, pemenang II kelompok dari Kelas 4EB02 dan pemengang III kelompok dari Kelas 4EB01-B

4ea04 UG Economic Competition 2010 Juara 1
Level II, pemenang diraih kelompok dari Kelas 4EA04, pemenang II kelompok dari Kelas 4EA01-A, dan Pemenang III kelompok dari Kelas 4EA01.

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