Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Using IRRegular verbs

Write the correct form of the verb in parentheses in each sentence. Use only the perfect present tense. Check your answers with the list of irregular verbs in the appendix
Mr. Harris taught English at this school for five years.
I have writen.
The students in this class have done those two lessons already
I have known Professor Moore fo more than twelve years
Richard has taken three courses in English at this school.
Rthese steps are dangerous. I have fallen on them several times.
Mr. Kramer has been in the United Stats fo three years.
The janitor has already the back door
The students have read
Marjorie has choosen a pretty dress fo the party
I have spoken to my boss about the problem several times
that tree has grown at least five feet sicce las tyear
Miss King has spent over eighteen hundred dollars since May.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith have bought a new house in North Plains
The ral estate agent has sold the Smit's old house.
Charles has had a bad cold for awhole week.
I'm sorry. I have forgot the name of that book
we alrady heard that new song several times
Mr. Wilson isn't here. He has gone out of town for the weeken
Mr. kennedy has wearn his blue suit to the office only twice
ihas sit in this same seat sice the firs day of classes
the money isn't in this drawer. Someone has steal it
Up to now, I have understood every lesson in the book
we have had absoulutely no trouble with oru ca so far
no one has ound that girl's purse and gloves yet
the weather has been very warm ever since last Thursday
mr. anderson and mr. brown has had luch alrady
I have seen the empire state building hundreds of times
we already spooken to the director and given him the message
grandmother neverflight in ant airplane befor
you have torn your shirt! There's a holein the left sleeve
I have alrady read the customer's letter and have wroten a reply to him

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