Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Verb Agreement

1. Neither Bill nor Marry is going to the play tonight.

2. Anything is better than going to another movie tonight.

3. Skating are becoming more popular every day.

4. A number of reporters was at the conference yesterday.

5. Everybody who has a fever must go home immediately.

6. Your glasses were on the bureau last night.

7. There were some poeple at the meeting last night.

8. The committe has already reached a decision.

9. A pair of jeans were in the washing machine in this morning.

10. Each student has answered the first three question.

11. Either John or his wife makes breakfast each morning.

12. After she had perused the material, the secretary decided that everything was in order.

13. The crowd at the basketball game was wild with excitement.

14. A pack of wild dogs have frightened all the ducks away.

15. The jury is trying to reach a decision.

16. The army has eliminated this section of the training tet.

17. The number of students who have withdrawn from class this quarter are appaling.

18. There have been too many interruptions in this class.

19. Every elementary school teacher has to take this examination.

20. Neither Jill nor her parents have seen this movie before.

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