Rabu, 15 Juni 2011


Jumlah pengguna facebook
"when indONEsian people are connected to ONE another..." (linimassa)

This is the first documentary movie about how social media being used by INDONESIAN that can ignite and facilitate certain social changes at the grassroots level. A number of stories delivered directly by real person such as a Becak (local traditional transportation) driver who promote his services through Internet, an ordinary lecturer with only 500 Facebook-friends who sucessfully initiate 1 Million follower of Anti-Corruption FB page, blogger community that teach difable person to use blog for their capacity building, and twitter as an important communication tool among Merapi volunteers during big eruption on November 2010.

Chapter 1 of 4:
Chapter 2 of 4:
Chapter 3 of 4:
Chapter 4 of 4:

Producer: @donnybu | Director: @dandhy_laksono | Site:

Premiere inside Java island at Rumah Blogger Indonesia - Solo (Februari 28th, 2011) by Bengawan Community, outside Java island at Lapangan Merdeka - Ambon (April 8th, 2011) by Arumbai Community. Premiere outside Indonesia at Manchester University - UK (April 4th, 2011). Premiere at Jakarta on Kineforum Cinema, TIM - Cikini (May 7th, 2011).

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