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Preposition Of Time: at, in, on

We use:
  • at for a PRECISE TIME
  • on for DAYS and DATES
at 3 o'clockin Mayon Sunday
at 10.30amin summeron Tuesdays
at noonin the summeron 6 March
at dinnertimein 1990on 25 Dec. 2010
at bedtimein the 1990son Christmas Day
at sunrisein the next centuryon Independence Day
at sunsetin the Ice Ageon my birthday
at the momentin the past/futureon New Year's Eve
Look at these examples:
  • I have a meeting at 9am.
  • The shop closes at midnight.
  • Jane went home at lunchtime.
  • In England, it often snows in December.
  • Do you think we will go to Jupiter in the future?
  • There should be a lot of progress in the next century.
  • Do you work on Mondays?
  • Her birthday is on 20 November.
  • Where will you be on New Year's Day?
Notice the use of the preposition of time at in the following standard expressions:
at nightThe stars shine at night.
at the weekend*I don't usually work at the weekend.
at Christmas*/EasterI stay with my family at Christmas.
at the same timeWe finished the test at the same time.
at presentHe's not home at present. Try later.
Notice the use of the prepositions of time in and on in these common expressions:
in the morningon Tuesday morning
in the morningson Saturday mornings
in the afternoon(s)on Sunday afternoons
in the evening(s)on Monday evening
When we say last, next, every, this we do not also use at, in, on.
  • I went to London last June. (not in last June)
  • He's coming back next Tuesday. (not on next Tuesday)
  • I go home every Easter. (not at every Easter)
  • We'll call you this evening. (not in this evening)
Prepositions in expressions of time
Preposition Use Examples
in months in July; in September
year in 1985; in 1999
seasons in summer; in the summer of 69
part of the day in the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening
duration in a minute; in two weeks
part of the day at night
time of day at 6 o'clock; at midnight
celebrations at Christmas; at Easter
fixed phrases at the end of the week
at the same time
days of the week on Sunday; on Friday
date on the 25th of December*
special holidays on Good Friday; on Easter Sunday; on my birthday
a special part of a day on the morning of September the 11th*
later than sth. after school
how far sth. happened (in the past) 6 years ago
earlier than sth. before Christmas
time that separates two points between Monday and Friday
not later than a special time by Thursday
through the whole of a period of time during the holidays
period of time for three weeks
two points form a period from Monday to Wednesday
from Monday till Wednesday
from Monday until Wednesday
time of the day 23 minutes past 6 (6:23)
point of time since Monday
no later than a special time till tomorrow
until tomorrow
time of the day 23 minutes to 6 (5:37)
not more than a special time up to 6 hours a day
during a period of time within a day
* The words in italic are only spoken, not written (date).

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