Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

Hello I'm Adi

We meet different people everyday. We are familiar with some of them, but not with some others. Do you know how to greet them? Do you know how to introduce yourself to them?

Sometimes you need to introduce yourself to your pen pal by writing a short letter. have you done it in english? Learn how to read and write a short letter and more in this unit.

A. Lead-in
Study the pictures below. Adi and ida meet for the first time. Study and write what they say.
Listening Script
Adi : Good Morning
Ida : Good Morning, Are you a new student?
Adi : Yes, I am. I am adi. I am from Semarang.
Ida : I am ida. I am from Bandung. I am a new student too.
Adi : Nice to meet you.

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