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LAUNDRY / BINATU Laundry department adalah suatu department yang bertanggung jawab untuk mencuci membersikan, serta merawat seluruh linen – linen, uniform, serta pakaian tamu. Sedangkan proses pencucian itu sendiri terdiri dari proses pencucian dengan menggunakan air dan proses pencucian dengan menggunakan minyak solvent. MESIN – MESIN LAUNDRY Mesin – mesin yang digunakan sebagai sarana penunjang kerja adalah : MARKING MACHINE Marking machine adalah mesin yang dipergunakan untuk memberi tanda tanda / menandai pakaian – pakain yang diberikan oleh tamu atau pakaian jasa laundry sebelum dicuci, agar tidak tertukar satu dengan yang lainnya, dengan menggunakan kode – kode tertentu.

DRY CLEANING MACHINE Dry cleaning machine adalah mesin yang dipergunakan untuk proses pencucian kering dengan menggunakan minyak solvent ( perchloroethylene ) maupun bahan –bahan yang terbuat dari : - Wool - Synthetic - Polyester - Silk - Leather - Velvet WASHING MACHINE Washing machine adalah mesin cuci yang dipergunakan untuk mencuci linen – linen uniform / seragam pakaian / guest laundry dengan menggunakan air. DRYING MACHINE Drying machine adalah mesin yang dipergunakan untuk mengeringkan linen – linen, uniform dan pakaian tamu / guest laundry. PRESSING MACHINE Pressing machine adalah mesin yang dipergunakan untuk mengepress pakaian –pakaian tamu /guest laundry serta seragam kariawan / uniform. FLAT WORK IRONING MACHINE Flat work ironing machine adalah mesin press dipergunakan untuk mengepress linen – linen seperti : - Bed sheet / seprei - Pillow case / sarung bantal - Napkin / lap mulut setelah makan - Table clothes / taplak meja - Glass towel / lap untuk gelas - Kitchen towel / lap yang ada di kitchen FORM FINISHING MACHINE Foam finishing machine adalah mesin press yang dipergunakan untuk mengepress jas, jacket dan juga pakaian wanita seperti long dress, blouse dan lain - lain. VACCUM SPOTTING BOARD Vaccum spotting board adalah mesin yang dipergunakan untuk menghilangkan noda – noda pada pakaian dengan factor penunjang bahan kimia / spotting chemical. DRYSET VACCUM MACHINE Dryset vaccum machine adalah mesin yang dipergunakan untuk menghisap dan membuat sisa - sisa uap yang terdapat pada mesin press khususnya wool press machine. ACCESSORIES Accessories adalah pelengkapan penunjang kerja laundry operasional seperti : - Clean linen truck, yaitu trolly yang terbuat dari bahan fiber untuk linen yang sudah dicuci / bersih. - Soiled linen laundry chart cloth or poly, yaitu trolly yang terbuat dari canvas untuk yang kotor. - Stainless steel valet chart, yaitu trolly yang dipergunakan untuk pengiriman pakaian yang sudah bersih. VALET Bag pengambilan / pengembalian pakaian tamu yang dilakukan jam 08.00 – 11.00 dikembalikan jam 17.00 – 19.00 WOOL PRESSING MACHINE Wool pressing machine adalah mesin press yang dipakai untuk mengepress pakaian – pakaian yang proses pencuciannya secara dry cleaning atau bahan – bahan seperti : wool, synthetic, polyester, silk. UTILITY PRESSING MACHINE Utility pressing machine adalah mesin press uyang dipergunakan untuk mengepress pakaian – pakaian yang khususnya terbuat dari bahan – bahan katun. PUFF IRONS PRESSING MACHINE Puff irons pressing machine adalah mesin press yang dipergunakan untuk mengepress pakaian – pakaian terutama dibagian tangan dan pundak ( sleeve and shoulder ). COLLAR, CUFF AND YORKE PRESSING MACHINE Collar, cuff and yorke pressing machine adalah mesin yang digunakan untuk bagian kerah dan pergelangan tangan khususnya kemeja lengan panjang. BOSSOM AND BODY PRESS MACHINE Bossom and body press machine adalah mesin yang dipergunakan untuk mengepress pakaian di bagian dada dan badan khususnya untuk kemeja. SLEEVER PRESS MACHINE Sleever press machine adalah mesin press yang dipergunakan untuk mengeprees pakaian dibagian tangan saja. Seperti lengan kemeja dan lengan baju juru masak. Adapun untuk pressing machine terdiri dari : - Wool pressing machine - Utility pressing machine - Puff irons pressing machine - Collar, cuff and yoke pressing machine - Seelver pressing machine - Bossom and body pressing machine • Air compressor • Accessories - Clean linen truck - Soiled linen laundry chart cloth or poly - Stainless steel valet carts - Mabile brute container - Sink assembly SIMBOL – SIMBOL DI LAUNDRY FUNGSI CHEMICAL 1. Rush go : menghilangkan noda karet 2. Blood go : menghilangkan noda darah 3. Ink go : menghilangkan noda tinta 4. Yellow go : menghilangkan noda kelunturan 5. Bon go : menghilangkan noda makanan dan minuman 6. Tar go : menghilangkan noda tar ( aspal )
RustGo BonGo QwikGo InkGo Laundry TarGo TarGo EF TarGo Dry YellowGo SpotsGo


RiteGo removes collar and cuff stains from shirts without hand brushing. RiteGo also removes many food, beverage and similar stains that don't come out in the wash.


EasyGo - SPRAY SPOTTER FOR USE WITH HYDROCARBON OR PERC New EasyGo quickly penetrates fabric to release ground-in soil, collar and cuff stains, perspiration, etc.


QwikGo removes food, blood and milk stains. QwikGo is easy to use and is exceptionally safe for use on delicate colors and fabrics.
Laundry Tar-GO

An environmentally friendly waterbase spotter that removes oilbased stains in the laundry as well as in wetcleaning or on the spotting board.Laundry TarGo works on even the toughest oil-based stains and can safely be rinsed down the drain.


The product quickly removes rust from fabrics.


SpotsGo SPRAY SPOTTER has the muscle you need to make tough spots go. It penetrates fabric to knock out ground-in soil, perspiration, collar and cuff stains and many food and beverage stains. Simply spray stains before drycleaning, washing or shampooing. There's no need to brush just spray it on and let it work. And SpotsGo is environmentally friendly it complies with California's Prop-65 and VOC regulations.
Tar-Go Dry

TarGo Dry is the best spotter ever for removing tough oil based stains. TarGo Dry delivers faster, more complete stain removal, on a broader range of oily type stains, with greater safety for colors and fabrics. Since it contains chlorinated solvents, we only recommend TarGo Dry for use in coordination with drycleaning in Perc. Do not flush to sewer or contaminate ground water. For laundry or wetcleaning, use Laundry TarGo to remove oily stains. When drycleaning with alternative solvents, use TarGo EF.
Tar-go EF

TarGo EF is tougher than ever on stains, yet as easy as ever on the environment. And it now flushes freely in hydrocarbon. TarGo EF, the best P.O.G. for alternative solvents, is now even better at removing oil-based stains. Youll see the difference on the toughest oxidized oils, greases, inks, etc. With hydrocarbon, simply apply TarGo EF and toss it into the wheel for trouble-free flushing and easy stain removal. TarGo EF can also be used most effectively on the spotting board in coordination with whatever system youre using. TarGo EF contains no chlorinated solvents, so its virtually odor free, and it meets Californias tough V.O.C. and Prop 65 regulations. When drycleaning with Perc, use TarGo Dry to remove oily stains. For laundry or wetcleaning, use Laundry TarGo.

YellowGo recovers dye-stained fabrics by removing unwanted dye. Results on whites are excellent. On colors, you have nothing more to lose and everything to gain by trying YellowGo. YellowGo may take out the color you want to keep. But if it removes the unwanted dye without damaging the underlying color. YellowGo can also be used to remove the last traces of ink and many other residual stains. YellowGo is a Titanium Sulfate based reducing bleach, and is packaged in Gallons and Quarts. Note: YellowGo often throws a sediment that can be found in the bottom of the bottle. This material is responsible for stabilizing YellowGo while it is still in its bottle. These stabilizers work equally well while in solution or as a sediment. Having this sediment fall out of solution does not damage the YellowGo in any way.

 Thermopatch Temoporary Marking Machine

Color coded tags make sorting shirts a simple task. Shirts can be sorted into movable transporters or numbered rail clips right off the folder or finishing unit, reducing the amount of labor required. Labels print clearly, adhere firmly, yet peel off easily. Label length adjusts automatically to match number of characters.
Thermo-Seal® Taperolls 

  The tape specifically made for all Thermo-Seal® temporary marking machines. They print clearly, adhere firmly, yet peel off easily. Eleven solid colors: orange, yellow, red, gray, lavender, white, green, pink, blue, gold, and tan. Adheres to cottons, polyester/cotton blends, loose weave polyester and wools.

  Temporary, removable tags require a special low-temperature tape. The well-tested Thermoseal tape is designed to be used in the Y126, Y140b Rabbit and the NEW Y150 Seal.

Ink Cassettes

  Special Thermopatch ink cassettes are your only guarantee for perfect wash resistant prints. They come in two qualities. 

Laundry symbol
 Laundry Wash Care Labels Simbol untuk pakaian tersebut sama untuk semua negara, ditetapkan sebagai standar Eropa dan Canada. Terbagi menjadi 5 (lima) bagian besar, yaitu bagaimana cara mencuci :
- Mencuci (simbol air di bak)
- Memutihkan (simbol segitiga)
- Mengeringkan (simbol kotak)
- Menyetrika (simbol setrika)
- Dry cleaning (simbol lingkaran)

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